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Industrial Specialty Mat

Industrial Specialty Mat
The design details of industrial mats were developed in response to the practical concerns of everyday working life. This is why they are particularly durable even in heavy-duty environments, combining non-slip surface and resistance to foot eversion, featuring strong and yet exceptionally flat edges for approaching vehicles, as well as being resistant to ageing, easy to clean and entirely maintenance-free.
Industrial mats is also adept at supplying customised solutions tailored to individual applications. We welcome the challenge of exclusive designs, tailor made dimensions, company logo incorporation, fitting solutions for slopes, the development of highly specialised rubber compounds and many other requirements.
Industrial mats have inbuilt resilience and are proven to relieve the strain on joints and spine. This quality is also an advantage in that it provides a soft landing for tools or products which are dropped, preventing them from being damaged. Our mats also lighten the workload when it comes to cleaning the floor, they absorb footfall and have a sound-deadening effect.
Our products Include:
1. Safe Walk Light 
2. Tuff Spun ( Anti Fatigue Mat)
3. Chair Mat
4. Ring Rubber Mat
5. Corrugated Switchboard Runner ( Non Conductive Mat)
6. Aluminium Mat
7.Rubber Studded Mat ( Roll/Standard Size)

8. Greaseproof
9.PVC Slip Mat
A practical, durable and clear vinyl mat promotes effortless mobility and optimum floor and carpet protection.

~ Indoor-Desks & Reception areas, computer rooms, work stations

Chair Mat ( with gripper or without gripper)

Custom Cut Chair Mat

Chair Mat w/o Gripper (For hard floor)

Chair Mat c/w gripper (For carpet)

Static Dissipative Table Mat can prevent equipment damage resulted from triboelectric voltage of the static dissipative.

~ Hospitals, scientific establishments, medical assembly, electronic manufacturing

ESD Table Mat - Anti Static Mat

Cleanroom sticky mats provide a tacky surface which remove dirt and debris off shoe soles before entering a sanitary sensitive (clean room) environment.

~ Clean room or a sanitary-sensitive room, labs, dust/dirt free environment, production entrance/medical appliance

Clean Room Sticky Mat

ESD Anti Fatigue Mats are made of 1/2'' thick closed-cell expanded polyvinyl chloride material designed to provide comfort and reduce worker fatigue when used in a static sensitive environment.

~ Ideal for use in heavy-duty environments, electronic manufaturing, pharmacentical, plants, clean rooms, fiber optics, electronic assembly, electronic warehousing, circuit assembly, aerospace and hospitals.

ESD Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mat

With its pebble slip-resistant surface and foam composition, tuff spun is ideal for workplaces with employees who need comfort underfoot.

~ Uses: Light to medium duty-dry areas, cashier's station, factories, work stations, finishing / assembly stations, laboratories, packing areas, mailrooms. And processing plants where employees are required to stand for prolonged periods.

USA MMI HogHeaven Confetti -Anti Fatigue

Tuff Spun Anti Fatigue Mat

100% natural fibres are fused into a non-slip vinyl back creating an extremely long wearing and efficient scraper mat. Exclusive for high traffic areas faced with grease and oil problem.

~ Domestic & Commercial : Office building, hotel, restaurant.
~ Industrial & Commercial : Oil / Gas industry, shipyards, engine rooms, workshops, ship board, beach resorts, Golf / country clubs, construction sites.

Coconut Husk ¨CVinyl Coir Mat

This Studded Rubber Mat has a circular surface pattern and a flat reverse side providing a secure gripping surface for safety and comfort.

~ Gym floor, laboratories, bars, elevators and walkways, hallways, corridors, high traffic areas, industrial & automation pathways, heavy duty work place, wet & dry area, production floor slip, coverage, skipping & packaging areas, etc.

Rubber Studded Mat (Standard size)

Rubber Studded Mat (Roll size) - 3mm

Rubber Studded Mat (Roll size) - 4.5mm


Safety Scrape Mat

USA Comfort Flow

USA Comfort Flow


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