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Hard, Waterproof, Durable, Anti Fungus and Non-Slip Inter-locking Wet Area Tiles.

~ Changing room, bathroom, toilets, swimming pools, spa, wet areas, locker rooms, leisure centres, etc.
~ Requires a drain-through matting system (not recommended for outdoor as colours may fade due to the sun)

ECO MAT-Interlocking Mat

Interlocking Mat (Dark Blue)

Interlocking Mat (Maroon)

Interlocking Mat (Grey)

Standard Coil Mat With Welcome - Red

Standard Coil Mat With Welcome-Blue

Standard Coil Mat With Welcome-Green

Standard Coil Mat With Welcome-Grey

Needle Rib Mat - Red

Standard Needle Rib Mat-Red

Needle Rib Mat - Blue

Standard Needle Rib Mat-Blue

Waterhog Classic Mat

EH 4000 Wet & Dry Nomad Carpet Matting-Red

Eco Message Mat - Welcome

Anti Slip Mat
This is the basic type of mat developed using 100% vinyl resin. This durable material offers weather-resistance that remains unchanged throughout seasonal temperature fluctuations, and stays supple and flexible at all times. It demonstrates effectiveness in absorbing sound and vibration in concrete passageways.
Our products Include:
1. Interlocking Mat
2. Wet Area Anti Slip Mat
3. Lune Dia Mat 
4. Lune Super Duspit
5. Clean Scrape Mat

Lune Dia Mat

Lune Dia Mat

Lune Dia Mat

ECO Interlocking PVC Mat-Dark Blue

ESD Anti Fatigue Anti Static Mat

Tuff Spun Anti Fatigue Mat

USA Dust Control Mat
  • Hig-twist,heat-set nylon carpet.
  • Remove dirt,grit and moisture from the soles of shoes, and filter these contaminants down to the base of  the carpet.
  • 100% Niotrile rubber backing for increased slip ans skid resistance.
USA Dust Control Mat include:
1)Classic Solution Mat
2)Logo Mat
3)Micro Guard

USA Classic Impressions Logo Mat Catalog

Eco Dust Control Mat

Eco Dust Control Mat - Blue

Eco Dust Control Mat - Grey

Eco Dust Control Mat - Brown

Coconut Husk Vinyl Coir Mat


Interlocking Safe Walk Light

Electrical Switchboard Matting - 10KV

Electrical Switchboard Matting - 20KV

Safe Walk Light Catalog

Industrial Specialty Mat
The design details of industrial mats were developed in response to the practical concerns of everyday working life. This is why they are particularly durable even in heavy-duty environments, combining non-slip surface and resistance to foot eversion, featuring strong and yet exceptionally flat edges for approaching vehicles, as well as being resistant to ageing, easy to clean and entirely maintenance-free.
Industrial mats is also adept at supplying customised solutions tailored to individual applications. We welcome the challenge of exclusive designs, tailor made dimensions, company logo incorporation, fitting solutions for slopes, the development of highly specialised rubber compounds and many other requirements.
Industrial mats have inbuilt resilience and are proven to relieve the strain on joints and spine. This quality is also an advantage in that it provides a soft landing for tools or products which are dropped, preventing them from being damaged. Our mats also lighten the workload when it comes to cleaning the floor, they absorb footfall and have a sound-deadening effect.
Our products Include:
1. Safe Walk Light 
2. Tuff Spun ( Anti Fatigue Mat)
3. Chair Mat
4. Ring Rubber Mat
5. Corrugated Switchboard Runner ( Non Conductive Mat)
6. Aluminium Mat
7.Rubber Studded Mat ( Roll/Standard Size)

8. Greaseproof
9.PVC Slip Mat

Clean Room Sticky Mat

ESD Table Mat - Anti Static Mat

Comfort Flow Mat ( with excellent anti fatigue )

Recessed mats in high-traffic entrances reduce the potential for tripping accidents and provide superior scraping action and dirt removal

DS Platinum Mat
DS Flexi Mat
DS Ultra Flexi Mat

DS Flexi Mat-Thickness :16mm

DS Platinum Mat- Thickness : 10mm

DS Ultra Flexi Aluminium Mat

Gym flooring mat is purely designed to provide anti-slip resistance, reduce noise absorption, control heavy-weight lifting and many more.

~ Weight lifting platform, commercial gym flooring, any kind of indoor fitness flooring, sport flooring, industrial floor where vibration and sound need control

Playground Tiles

Interlocking Gym Mat

Gym Rubber Tiles


Chair Mat c/w gripper (For carpeted Floor)

Chair Mat w/o Gripper (For hard floor )

Custom Cut Chair Mat with Gripper

Kindergarten Eva Foam Mat Martial Art Mat

Taekwondo Mat - T Pattern


ECOFormat Car Mat - Driver Mat

ECOFormat Car Mat - Driver Mat (Black)


ECOFormat Car Mat - Driver Mat (Black red)

Safe Walk Mat Interlocking Safe Walk Mat Comfort Flow Mat Safety Scrape Mat

Safe Walk Mat

Interlocking Safe Walk Mat

Comfort Flow Mat ( with excellent anti-fatigue )

Safety Scrape Mat

Modular 3 in 1 Scraper Entrance Mat






DS Platinum Mat & DS Flexi Mat Catalog

NANO DISINFECTANT Floor cleaner & Deodorizer

PINEX BLU Mild Viscous Pine Disinfectant Cleaner

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